Honor Code

This page is the code by which Clive The Tutor works.

While Clive The Tutor services is not in a position to enforce or monitor compliance with its Honor Code, it is incumbent on all of the users of the platform to do so themselves and to prevent others from violating the Honor Code. If a violation of the Honor Code is reported, Clive The Tutor reserves the right to deny or limit access to the platform to the violator, at the sole discretion of Clive The Tutor.

The Clive The Tutor Honor Code exists for all users of our live learning platform, including students, students’ families, instructors, and tutors. The purpose of the Honor Code is to stress integrity as a part of the Clive The Tutor mission to accelerate academic achievement. After all, an academic achievement without integrity is not an academic achievement at all.

Students may use the resources available on the platform, be it learning tools or tutors, for assistance with homework, assignments, or any other proper purpose. The Clive The Tutor platform should not be used for academic dishonesty by students or tutors. Most students are subject to the academic code for the school they attend. This should always be followed and may be shared with an instructor or tutor. Regardless, students should not be using the platform to copy answers or to get final answers to questions or problems without knowing how to arrive at that answer. The platform may be used to assist in the learning process, but not in lieu of the learning process.

Tutors should also understand and respect academic integrity. Tutoring and instruction should be a complement to the academic process and not a means to substitute the work of the tutor for the work of the student. Tutors should not complete assignments, take tests, allow or assist in plagiarism, or engage in any other form of dishonesty that may violate the academic honor code of the school the student attends or otherwise misrepresent the student’s work or academic ability.

The bottom line is this: Do not use this platform as a way to cheat because you will only be cheating yourself.

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